Treatments Available for a Single and Triple Eyelid Conditions

If you have noticed that one or both of your eyes has the single or triple eyelid condition, you might be surprised that there are temporary and permanent treatments available for both conditions. In the world of eyelids, the most common type is one that shows a full crease in the eyelid from corner to corner when the eyes are open. Many people of Asian ancestry have what is termed as “single eyelid” in that the skin of the eyelid does not show any visible crease. This is also a common sign of aging as the skin above the eye relaxes. As you can imagine, a triple eyelid has both a full crease going from one corner of the eye to the other, plus an additional crease that usually shows up in the outer skin of the eyelid between the eyelashes and the full crease. Although single and triple eyelids do not cause any health issues, many people who have this trait often seek for ways to obtain a more natural looking eyelid.

You may be asking yourself how such thin and sensitive skin may be corrected to “crease” properly. Well, in most cases, people choose a form of treatment that is temporary. These treatments allow a person to reap the aesthetic benefit of an added crease without actually creating a permanent physical crease in the skin. These temporary measures are relatively cheap and very easy to do yourself at home.

The first type of treatment we are going to talk about is eyelid tape. This works well for both single and trip eyelid conditions. What is often referred to as “eye glue” is actually a cosmetic putty. This putty is painted onto the eyelid from corner to corner in the fashion of a line. The thickness of the line depends on how dramatic one wishes their double eyelids to be. After the line of putty has been painted, a two-pronged instrument is used to push the eyelid upwards so that the skin sticks together to form a crease. Most brands of eye glue come with an application brush as well as the plastic prongs used to create the crease. You may have to give it a few tries to find the best technique for your eye and face shape. Also, this glue can be worn either before or after makeup has been applied, so you may want to apply it both ways to see which works best for you. The glue can be removed with typical eye makeup remover or Vaseline.

The second type of temporary treatment we are going to talk about is called eye tape. This works very similarly to eye glue in terms of ease of application. The eye tape is usually sold in pre-cut strips; however you may have to trip yours a bit if you find it too long for the shape of your eye. Cosmetic tongs or tweezers are used to remove the thin strip of tape from the packaging. Use the tweezers to gently press the tape against the skin of the eyelid. The placement of the tape really depends on how dramatically you want to change your look. Once the tape is in place, use the opposite end of the tweezers to gently push the skin of the eyelid up and hold it there until it stick together. Blink a few times to ensure that the tape has taken a strong hold. Makeup should be applied after the tape has been secured, although some find it particularly difficult to apply eye shadow around the taped area.

The final treatment we are going to talk about is eyelid surgery—which is a permanent and very serious treatment to consider. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure in which the skin of the eyelid is cut and excess fatty tissue (and sometimes skin) is removed. The result produces tighter, more youthful looking eyelids and usually a natural looking crease. This is often a procedure chosen by people with the single eyelid condition. If too much fat or skin is removed during the procedure, a triple eyelid could result. The average cost for a blepharoplasty is around $5,000 and is definitely not appropriate for everyone.

If you are struggling to deal with a single or triple eyelid condition, you may want to speak with a plastic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If not, there is plenty of benefit to be reaped from eye glues and tapes without worry about recovery times and negative results.

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