Which Swollen Eyelid Treatment Is Right For You?

Every irritated eye is going to have its own helpful swollen eyelid treatment that will depend on the root of the problem.  They eye and the skin surrounding the eye are extremely delicate and even the slightest bit of discomfort associated with this area can really be very bothersome.  Sometimes a person may have both eyelids swollen and at other times it may be only one eye.  Either way, it can seriously affect the person's vision.

Swollen eyelids are also often accompanied with an itching sensation, redness, scales on the eyelid or a liquid discharge coming from the eye's corner.  A swollen eyelid treatment should help to reduce not only the inflammation but also get rid of any additional symptoms as well.

When your eyelid is swollen, it may cause you from little to severe pain.  It is common for children to display swollen eyelids from rubbing them with dirty hands.  The most common cause though is simply allergies which cause a blockage to occur in the eyelid's glands.


If an infection occurs at the lash line, it forms a sty.  It is not a serious problem and you can usually use a home remedy swollen eye treatment to take care of it.  Make a warm compression by dipping a clean washcloth in warm water and then holding it to your eye.  The heat will usually cause the sty to pop and then the pus inside will drain out.  However, be sure to never try to physically pop a sty.  You will only make the infection worse.  If the treatment does not work the first time, wait a little awhile and try it again.  It will pop when it is ready to.


This is a common bacterial type of infection in the lash line's oil glands.  It is usually acquired as a reaction toward certain cosmetics or from sleeping with makeup on at night.  The best swollen eye treatment for this is a warm, wet wash cloth held on the area at least twice a day.  If for some reason the swelling continues after a few days or if it is accompanied with severe pain, your physician may prescribe an antibiotic ointment to apply.


If your swollen eyelid is accompanied with twitching, you should consult a physician who can identify what bacteria is causing the conjunctivitis and then you can be started on an appropriate swollen eyelid treatment.  Artificial tears may be administered to soothe the area and steroid drops may be prescribed.  Also, a cold compression applied at home will help with the swelling.


It is important to remember to apply a sunscreen to your eyelids when you are gong to be outside, especially if you are prone to sunburn.  A cold compression is the best swollen eyelid treatment in this case.  It is easiest to keep soaking cotton pads in ice water and apply them to they eyes for about 10 minutes, every hour or so.


If lice are present at the eyelash root, it will cause the eyelid to swell.  This is very common in young children.  You should never use an anti-lice product around the eye as they can cause a great deal of harm.  Instead, simply apply a bit of petroleum jelly to the area.  This will suffocate the lice eggs so new lice cannot be formed.

Other Causes

If you wear contact lenses that are not clean, your eyes may become swelled.  It is extremely important to keep these clean and sanitized to avoid infection.  Eyes can also become swollen and irritated after crying, swimming or getting bit by an insect.  In most cases, something minor can be taken care of by a home remedy swollen eyelid treatment of either a warm or cold compress.

If you feel you have a serious infection or any pain is associated with the swollen eyelid, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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