Ways to reduce eyelid swelling

There are many different reasons eyelids may swell, and it’s important to figure out why they are swelling before you try any methods to reduce eyelid swelling.  There are more than 50 reasons your eyelids might be swollen, so you’ve got to think about other symptoms before you consider trying anything to reduce eyelid swelling. 

One of the most common reasons for eyelid swelling is an allergic reaction.  This can be caused by anything from hair spray, to animal or plant allergies.  If you have other symptoms of allergies or have come into contact with a known allergen, then this is probably your culprit.  You should also consider the possibility of an allergy if you’ve come into contact with something that you don’t usually come into contact with, whether it’s someone’s pet rabbit, or a new perfume at the store.  The simplest way to reduce eyelid swelling that’s due to an allergen is by getting rid of the allergen.  

Eyelid dermatitis is a skin problem that’s related to allergies.  It’s basically a rash on the eyelids that’s usually caused by an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product.  You should examine the eyelid carefully to look for signs of a rash.  A rash indicates that eyelid dermatitis is probably the cause of the eyelid swelling.  This type of swelling can also be alleviated by removing the allergen and cleansing the area thoroughly.

Another common reason for eyelid swelling is dehydration.  You may notice other parts of your body start to swell also because the body tends to store water when it’s dehydrated.  The fix for this problem is very simple.  Just make sure you’re drinking the recommended eight glasses of water every day to avoid this issue.  

You also may experience eyelid swelling if your diet is not quite right.  Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause your eyelids to swell, as can eating salty foods right before you go to sleep.  It’s very easy to adjust your diet with these small things to reduce eyelid swelling in the future.

Another common cause of eyelid swelling is a stye.  Styes are enflamed glands near the base of your eyelashes.  This is a very common problem among small children.  The best way to get rid of a style and reduce eyelid swelling due to this problem is by using a warm compress.  This will increase blood flow to the eyelid and force the stye out.  Sometimes styes do burst, so don’t be alarmed if there is blood or puss in the area.  Just clean it carefully.

High blood pressure can also cause the eyelids to swell.  It’s important to see your doctor if you believe high blood pressure is the culprit.  

Whatever the reason for your swollen eyelids, there are plenty of ways to reduce eyelid swelling.  Just make sure that you check out all possible reasons for the eyelid swelling before you take any action to treat it.  Most reasons for swollen eyelids are nothing to worry about, but you don’t want to miss an important sign of something more serious.

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