Tips for Getting Rid of Eyelid Fat

Pronounced eyelid fat can make us seem tired and old.  If you have these fat deposits drooping from your lower lids you have probably noticed they affect the way people react to you.  People will ask you if you are tired regardless of how you feel.  People may also perceive you as older than you actually are.  It’s hard to believe that such a small fatty deposit can have such an extensive effect, but it can. 

You might find that people are less likely to consider you for more senior positions or for positions that require energetic individuals simply because they have a false sense that your are overwhelmed or lacking in the necessary energy to succeed at more stressful jobs.  Furthermore, you may find social invitations come your way less often than for other officemates.  You might even find people of the opposite sex seem to notice you less now as you age.

What is one to do, however, once one knows that some of the negative reactions one stimulates result from something as trivial as eyelid fat?  You cannot put your eyelids on a diet or send them around the track for an extra lap.  So what options to you have to reduce the appearance of eyelid fat?

The obvious answer of course is cosmetic surgery, but before you consider going under the knife, consider these alternatives to blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).


One of the key factors that leads to puffy, eyelid fat is dehydration.  Lack of moisture stresses the fluids in the same way that it does on a desert floor.  This extra stress may lead to sagging, cracking and irritation.  So one of the easy changes you can make to your lifestyle to help fight the appearance of eyelid fat is to drink extra cups of water throughout the day.

This may seem like a difficult task with our busy schedules, but if you simply remind yourself to drink a cup of water before you leave for work, at every break and as soon as you get home, you should be able to increase your liquid intake substantially in a short period of time.  Being well-hydrated also has other health benefits that make it important even if it turns out it has little effect on your eyelids.

Anti-Aging Cream

Another way of moisturizing your eyelids is to apply an anti-aging cream.  Although not all of these creams work equally well, the ones that contain Vitamins A and C and still moisturize your skin do much better.  Vitamins A and C will help your skin cells stay healthy while the moisturizer keeps your lids from becoming dry and irritated.

For best results consult with a dermatologist who may be able to tell you what products are best for the idiosyncrasies of your unique face.

Avoid Make-Up

Old make-up especially is prone to causing allergic reactions that will puff your eyelids mimicking fat deposits; so throw out your old cosmetics and stick to new ones; or even better, get rid of make-up altogether.  The “natural look” works for a lot of women.

The Vampire Method

If you haven’t heard, vampires are totally hot right now—so pretend you're one and avoid the drying irritation of the sun.  Stay indoors, but be sure to get enough sun to convert Vitamin D or you will develop other health problems.

No Eye Rubbing

Even if your eyes feel itchy, avoid rubbing them.  Rubbing just further irritates the eyelid and may actually make it look even more puffy.  Wash your eyes out with cold water and see if taking an antihistamine helps in reducing the swelling in your eyelids. 

The Cold Compress

After washing them out, put a cold compress over your eyes to reduce any swelling and thus get rid that eyelid fat look.

The Double Pillow Method

Another way to reduce puffy looking eyelids is to sleep with your head above your body so that the blood drains out into your body rather than back into your head. 


If all else fails you can give in and have your eyelid fat removed surgically.  It is a simple surgery although it does require you to be put under general anesthesia.  As with all surgeries complications may result, although such negative outcomes are fairly rare.  Afterwards, however, you will still need to give your eyelids special attention so that they do not return to their former state.  

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