Tips for Dry Eyelid

Getting dry eyelid is a fairly common problem; this is due to the fact that your eyelids are the only protection your eyes have against the sun, dirt, wind, and other elements. They are constantly exposed to these elements and as a result they the eyelids tend to dry out quickly. Another practice that can cause dry eyelid is leaving eye makeup on overnight. Some people believe that this helps their eyes look better but the fact is that it causes additional damage to the skin surrounding the eye, including the eyelid.

Aside from dry eyelid, some additional problems that you can have with the eyelid include itching and inflammation. The inflammation of the oil glands; this can cause the eyelid to appear puffy, with dry flakes coming off of the skin.

The first thing you will want to do to decrease the irritation and dry eyelid problem is to keep your hands away from your eyes. Rubbing your eyes only increases the chance of developing infection and irritation.

If your eyes are itchy, try using a cold compress on your eyes. Let the compress set on each eye for a few minutes to reduce the inflammation. The better the cold compress fits to your eye, the better it will work. You should use the compress at least twice a day, but for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Another remedy for dry eyelid and irritation is to apply wet teabags to the eyes. The reason that this will help with dry eyelids and irritation is that the tannic acid in the tea has a tendency to soothe itching, which will help to reduce the amount you rub you eyes.

You can also sooth itchy, irritated eyes by using artificial tears. The eyes naturally have a film of moisture over them, and when the eyes become too dry this can lead to irritation. Try adding artificial tears to the eyes several times a day to soothe them.

To help with the dry and scaly appearance of dry eyelid you can use eye cream on the eyelid several times a day. If you have a particularly difficult time with dry skin around the eyes you can visit your doctor and probably get a prescription cream to help with dry eyelid skin. There are specially formulated creams that can treat the root of the problem, such as allergies, infections, etc.

If your dry eyelid problem isn’t extreme enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, but is still bothersome due to the way it mars your appearance, there are several over the counter creams that should do the trick. Regular moisturizers are just not enough for the skin around the eye, which dries out very easily. Eye moisturizers require more oils to hydrate the eye skin sufficiently.

Dermatitis around the eyes can lead to dry eyelid skin; this is often due to an allergy. To avoid this problem you will need to avoid triggers of your allergy. If you are unsure of what it is you are allergic to that may be causing allergies it is a good idea to avoid wearing any type of makeup and contact your doctor. He or she may want to run some tests to determine exactly what you are allergic to that could cause dry eyelid and other problems.

To avoid scaly, dry eyelid in the future you will want to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes as much as possible. Use eye moisturizer twice a day.

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