The Amazing Benefits Of Double Eyelid Tape

Double eyelid tape is clear tape that you can use to manipulate your eyelid to form a perfect crease.  It is extremely popular primarily with Asian woman.  Technology and Cosmetic Science certainly has came a long way in inventing such an easy product to use that offers dramatic results to enhance your appearance without the commitment and cost investment of eyelid surgery.

This miracle tape is not only absolutely perfect for someone that has the desire to enhance their eyes by adding a crease, it is also ideal for those that simply wish for their eyes to appear larger.  Double eyelid tape has caught on quickly and gained popularity around the globe.  A product that was once only used by professional makeup artists is now easily used by anyone.  Since the eyes are essentially the primary focal point of your face, it is important to feel confident about them as they really do factor in how attractive you are perceived.  

Additionally, using this tape is recommended prior to deciding if you want to commit to participating in an eyelid surgery so that you can get a good idea of what your results will look like after and it gives you the chance to decide if that look is truly the look that you want.

What Is Eyelid Tape?

This very special tape is a pre-cut clear adhesive that you place on your eyelid to cause the skin to not only crease but also to remedy any drooping eye problems that gravity may have blessed you with over the years.  It is completely transparent so it is not at all visible after it is applied and it can be purchased in a variety of different sizes to accommodate anyone's eye shape.  Also, it is hypoallergenic to reduce a chance of having a negative reaction and it is waterproof so you can feel free to go swimming or shower after applying it as well.  It does not interfere with you blinking your eyes and it is extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Who Should Use It?

Double eyelid tape can be used by pretty much anyone wanting a positive change.  It not only enhances your appearance and gives you a boost of confident, it is also ideal for someone with weak eyelids.  When support is provided for a drooping eyelid, the user's vision is also improved.  This is a perfect product for someone who has imbalanced eyelid as well, easily remedying the visible difference.  Of course, if you are just looking for that perfect creased eyelid look, that is what the product was essentially designed for.

For a person considering getting a blepharoplasty done, the double eyelid tape is usually recommended by the surgeon so the patient can get a really good idea of what the outcome will be.  It can be thought of as a “try it before you buy it” kind of deal.

Are There Side Effects?

Although a few people will argue that the double eyelid tape made their eyelids droopy after awhile, this only basically happens if you are removing it improperly.  If you simply rip the tape off, it pulls and stretches the skin and could cause drooping over a very long period of time.

The tape can do no internal damage to your eye because it only touches the skin on the outside.  It is essentially made from first aid tape which was designed to hold yet be gentle enough to not irritate your skin. 

Some say that with continued use over years, you can actually train the skin of your eyes to appear in your desired crease naturally, however there is no guarantee of this.  Double eyelid tape is completely safe for anyone to use.  If you think for some reason you may have an allergy to the tape, try it on an unnoticeable part of skin first like the back of your hand and determine if there is any itching or irritation.  Professionals have been using this wonderful product for many years, now you can too.

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