Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - Effective But Controversial

Asian double eyelid surgery isn't a procedure that involves both eyelids but involves the upper eyelid only. Roughly half of all Asians, the percentage is significantly higher among Koreans, have a single upper eyelid, which is to say an eyelid that does not have a crease or a fold. The remaining Asians, and the preponderance of Caucasians and Blacks have a double upper eyelid, an eyelid with a crease.

Eyelid surgery is usually performed to remove excess skin, muscle or fat from the eyelids giving the eyes a somewhat reshaped appearance. The surgery, called blepharoplasty, is most often performed for purely cosmetic reasons, although there are cases where eyelid surgery may be performed to improve one's vision. When done for cosmetic reasons, the results can often be astounding, with the patient often taking on a much younger appearance.

Asian double eyelid surgery is almost always done for cosmetic purposes, and many who have had it done will admit that it gives them a more "Western" look. Insofar as Asian beauty is concerned, having a single upper eyelid is not regarded as a negative, but many Asian women, and not a few men, want to appear more attractive in the Western sense as well, and opt to have the surgery done. Most respectable surgeons, at least those in the United States, do not promote Asian double eyelid surgery as a step towards enhancing beauty, and when the procedure is performed, the goal is to retain an Asian ethnic appearance as much as possible.

More Popular In Asia - Ironically, this is not true in Asia, where Asian double eyelid surgery is becoming more and more popular and is actively encouraged. What is even more ironical perhaps, is that in the United States, the parents of ethnic Asians who have the single upper eyelid, usually encourage the operation, perhaps thinking their son or daughter will fit more comfortably into the Western culture they are living in. The children on the other hand, more often than not seem to resist the surgery, fearing it will take away from the ethnicity of which they are rightly proud. In a way, some ethnic Asian young people resent the procedure as one being an attempt to become "more white", just as some blacks resent other blacks who have their hair straightened or their skin lightened to become more white.

Making the Choice - If one is contemplating Asian double eyelid surgery, the cultural pros and cons will certainly come into the picture. If the person decides to go ahead, the first step is usually to visit and ophthalmologist to determine whether the eyes themselves would be negatively impacted by the surgery. The doctors performing the procedure should also be aware of any illness the patient may have, or any medications the patient is taking. There are certain diseases and disorders which, if present, could make the procedure unwise, even though it is a fairly simple operation.

Asian double eyelid surgery will normally take around 3 hours and is usually done under a general anesthetic. Recovery can be painful at first, but the healing process normally does not take long. Complications from the surgery are rather rare, but the procedure itself is somewhat risky in that any mistake that is made could affect one's vision. Costs can vary, with a typical cost running around $2,500 in the United States. A reputable surgeon on the Asian mainland will usually charge about half that amount. Taking into account airfare and the fact that planning to have an operation performed in a foreign country can sometimes be a source of anxiety, suggests that having the operation performed in your own backyard would probably be the better choice.

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